Friday, September 2, 2016

La Bella

I've been wanting to write a post about this little sweetie before Landon joins us. She is at a stage that has been challenging in some aspects (like frequent tantrums and skipping naps!) but overall has stolen our hearts. She's just so bright and engaging and surprises us everyday with her hilarious sense of humor and the things she says! Now that we are about to have a newborn, I just can't believe how fast Ellie is growing up. 

I cherish bedtime stories and prayers with her, going on walks together and shopping, and doing puzzles with her. She is such a quality time girl like her daddy! So I have to be intentional to stop my task-orientedness at times to play with her. I want to savor each and every moment with her knowing that soon my attention will be even more divided! 

Things she loves are:
1- Her little guys (safari animals)
2- Books
3- Moovas (her nickname for movies)
4- Wubba (her lovey)
5- Doing puzzles
6- Being outside 
7- Blowing bubbles
8- Snacks (especially goldfish and fruit snacks!)
9- Wuacala guink (aka coke)
10- looking at pictures
11- dates with Daddy and Mommy
12- Going to Gaggy and Pappy's hosue
13- Her friends from church
14- Being chased by Daddy
15- Babies (she smothers all babies with her hugs and kisses!) 

We love our Ellie Sofia so much and feel so blessed to watch her grow into the person God created her to be! 

Homemade Toiletries

I have greatly enjoyed collecting DIY recipes on Pinterest for lotions, chapsticks, sunscreen, makeup remover, baby creams and so much more! Below are some my favorite recipes I've tried along with the links. The sugar scrub was a recipe I got from my sister, Sharon. She made some for me and I use it so fast that I have made it 3 times already this summer! It has 1 cup cane sugar, 1/2 cup coconut oil, Vit E, and 15 drops Lavender. I have tried several different homemade sugar scrubs, but this is by far my favorite. It smells so nice and the proportions are just right for softening and exfoliating.

I could not find the link the makeup remover spray! But I think it just has 1 tsp Dr. Bronner's castile soap, 1 Tbsp Fractionated Coconut oil, a few drops of Tea Tree and water. It works very well to remove all my eye makeup without scrubbing, but I do have to be careful not to get it in my eye or will sting a little! (Most likely from the Tea Tree). The Tallow Diaper Cream is a recipe I googled (not sure where the link is!) 

My top favorite DIY toiletries are the chapstick and the Belly Butter! The Belly Butter is amazing and smells so good! I pretty much followed the recipe but also added tallow. So far I have not gotten a single stretch mark on my belly and my belly is huge. This is a 32 oz jar so I had to quadruple the recipe. 
Belly Butter

Best Sugar Scrub 

Makeup Remover

Itch Relief Cream

Best Organic Chapstick Recipe

Acne Spot Stick

Friday, August 12, 2016

Landon's Nursery

I have been in MAJOR nesting mode the past few weeks! Going through drawers, getting rid of stuff, organizing clothes, painting the nursery, moving Ellie into her big girl room (and today's nap is the first time she is sleeping in a big girl bed!) and going through baby clothes - even getting my hospital bag started. Phew! 

I worked on a few word art canvases this afternoon for Landon's room. I chose "The Lord was with him and caused everything he did to succeed" from Gen. 39:23. It refers to Joseph. Landon's middle name will be Jose, after Luis (his first name) and his dad. So this is my prayer for Landon! Landon means "Long Hill" but we chose the name after my Grandpa Saunders - therefore it is special. And he is fearfully and wonderfully made! Joseph means "The Lord will add".

I am so in love with Landon's nursery! I have been going in there often to sit in the rocker and marvel in how things have come together. The little pillow on the rocker was made by my nephew, Peter. It has "Landon" embroidered on the front. It's so cute and fits perfectly! A sweet friend blessed us with an adorable safari theme crib set. I love it! I love having little shelves above the changing table (keeps lotions and creams out of reach of tiny toddler hands) and the cute night stand that my Aunt Gretchen gave us, which was originally pink! The little lamp was a bargain for $8! 

The same friend that gave us the crib set also gave us a HUGE box of baby clothes! Another friend gave us some more! So we are really all set as far as clothes! 

I don't really like taking selfies, but my sister-in-law asked me for a picture of my bump so I sent her the one below. I'm 35 weeks now and can't wait to meet this new gift from God!!!!