Sunday, January 5, 2014

Nearing 30 weeks! Pregnancy ramblings & reflections.....

In just 2 more days, I will have reached 30 weeks! I'm amazed at how fast this pregnancy has flown by! I'm also so very thankful for such a great pregnancy. I have truly enjoyed being pregnant. In general, I have felt really good, energetic and emotionally so happy. I've also enjoyed watching my belly grow and feeling Ellie Sofia move all around. I had a doctor's appointment last week with a 3-D ultrasound. Our Ellie is 3 lbs already! And her little face is absolutely beautiful! Luis & I were both soooo thrilled to see resemblances of our family in her. Three different people told me that she resembled my dad. I could also see a lot of Cate in her! And there is no doubting the Nunez nose, which I am soooo in love with already! lol. We are SO IN LOVE with our little girl and can't wait to hold her, squish her and give her lots of loving! 

On January 31st, I am planning to start working part time - probably 2-3 days a week before stopping completely. I have felt great working for the most part, but I feel it's important to spend some time in reflection and preparation before Ellie arrives. I have quite a few books I want to read, plus I just want some time to draw close to the Lord and allow Him to prune me and prepare me before Ellie comes. I also want to start meeting regularly to pray with my friend, Jessica. She and her husband, Luis, have been mentoring Luis & I through a marriage course the past few months. They've really poured into our marriage and have blessed us so richly with baby things and advice during pregnancy and in preparation for labor, delivery and parenting. It's great cause they live one street over from us! They have 2 little boys, Sebastian & Emilio, and we have benefited so much from watching them parent. 

I have realized that I tend to be a post-griever. Looking back, I haven't felt sad to move away from friends or change environments, before the event. But usually months after the move or change, I've gone through periods of great sadness, grieving what I left behind. I feel the same will be true for leaving my job with my dad. The past 2 years have been wonderful - I have learned SO MUCH in working with him and would say it is definitely my dream job. But at the same time I have a strong conviction to be a stay at home mom, like our mom was for us, and like my sisters are for their kids. It is something that this culture is truly lacking, and needs more of. I can't even fathom leaving Ellie with someone else so I can go to work. I am thrilled about being a stay at home mom and beginning to truly invest more in the art of home-making and parenting. I do not feel like it will be a sacrifice or a chore. And up to this point I haven't felt at all sad about quitting my job. At the same time I know that months after Ellie is born, I will grieve the closing of the amazing 2 years with my dad. I am so thankful for him and all he's taught me. I love how we work together and I LOVE helping him. I will miss him - I will miss making his lunch every day and prepping his charts and driving for him. I will miss handling his schedule and doing his EMR charting, and sending orders and medications for him. I will miss the amazing experiences we have together with our patients, and all the wonderful people we come in contact with every day. I might even miss holding the light for him, as he cleaned out people's ear wax. (That was my least favorite thing to do!) 
I am praying that God will bring him a wonderful replacement for me. I just can't imagine him going back to his life before having a medical assistant! He was doing SO MUCH more, working LONG hours, then coming home to MORE WORK. Having someone to drive him and help with EMR charting has definitely made things more efficient for him. 
I do plan to try working again part time after Ellie is older. But I am only going to TRY it - and I'll be doing office work, probably from home with much flexibility to tend to her needs. If it doesn't work out for both of us, then I won't continue. I am thankful that I can have such flexibility with a job. I am also thankful for Luis' job and his ability to support us, not really needing 2 incomes. The Lord has been good to us, and I trust in Him to lead us and provide for our every need. 
Well, enjoy my pregnancy ramblings and reflections and the baby bump pics!


  1. I admire you for staying at home with your baby.I chose to stay at home with my babies . I just couldn't leave them with anyone. Money was always tight but I don't regret it. You will never get that time back. I wish I lived closer so I could work with your dad until you felt you wanted to go back. Good luck with your new little one.

  2. Kara, so excited for you, and that you are able to articulate things so well. Praying for these last months....thankful for our running in the sunrises of honduras years ago that let me glimpse into who you were becoming! Still running, Penny

  3. That baby bump is looking great dear!! Can`t you post a pic of the 3-d ultrasound?? Loved hearing an update on your life and heart! Cherish this special time of prep before your babe arrives! Love ya!

  4. Kara, we are so proud of you! We are so very thankful for how you have poured out your life to serve dad these last 2 years. It has been such a blessing! I am sooo excited for this new phase of your lives and especially that this Gaggy will just be right down the street. I am so grateful to be a stay at home grandma too!!! Love you!


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