Saturday, February 22, 2014

Last few weeks of pregnancy....

I'm 36.5 weeks now, excitedly waiting for our little princess to arrive in 3-6 weeks! We still have a lot to do before she comes, so I don't feel bored or anxious to be waiting around for her. ;-) We finished painting the nursery, but still need to set up her crib and changing table. Luis & I will be shopping for an area rug for the nursery this afternoon. We need to figure out how to install her car seat and eventually I will pack a little bag for the hospital.  Feeling pretty relaxed about it though and not really expecting her to come early....
I had a great quiet time with the Lord this morning. My heart was encouraged reflecting on Matt. 6-7, Zeph. 3:16-17 and Ex. 14:13-14. I am excited for Him to glorify Himself through my birth story. Whatever the outcome (natural birth, induction, C-section, complications, etc.), He is in control and I need not fear. 
He did an amazing work in bringing my Aunt Gretchen to replace me as my dad's medical assistant. She is an OB nurse and turns out she would be retiring from the hospital on Jan. 31st, the same day I had chosen to cut back to part time! That was certainly no coincidence. She heard my dad needed someone and expressed interest and she's been going with him now for the past month! My dad & I never imagined God could be so creative in bringing his own little sister to replace me. :-) I have been so encouraged by how God worked that out! I quiet my heart in rest and seeking the Lord before I face labor/delivery, I am excited to see how He will work on my behalf. He is so good! 
I am also excitedly waiting for news from my oldest sister, Natalie. She is at the hospital right now, laboring to bring in my 4th precious niece to this world. I can't wait to meet her! She & Ellie will be so close in age and I'm sure they will be special friends. 


  1. Ashley I'm so happy for you! You have no idea how much I would like you to be close and be able to meet Elli and share this new chapter together! I know you are going to enjoy every moment with Elli and Luis! It's SO MUCH fun!!! If I'm being a good mom (I think!) You'll be great! :D! You are doing the right thing, just enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and do not worry about a thing! I'll be praying for you and looking forward to see some pictures of Elli!
    Te quiero mucho amiga!

    1. Aww thank you so much Anahi! I would love to be close to you too and share in this happy experience as new mommys together! Thank you so much for your prayers my friend! Te quiero tambien!


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