Monday, May 15, 2017

Honduran Flour Tortillas

I've been making flour tortillas for about 17 years now - although it took a few years for me to make them on my own. I had a few great teachers in Honduras, but my main instructor was my sister-in-law, Erika. I've also been coaching others to do it for a long time now, usually with no clear recipe! 

Now that I'm a mom my motto in the kitchen is, "Quick, effortless and tasty". I guess I could add "nutritious" in there as well. Anyways, I always thought the key to successful tortilla making was in the water...because if you add too much it becomes way too doughy and if you add too little it becomes hard. And you kind of have to feel it as you knead and get just the right amount in. Tough to do! I've heard others say that the key was in the kneading. In Honduras there is a saying that you either have a "soft hand or a hard hand". I've encountered countless ways and tricks to make them and have found that there is no right or wrong way! As long as they come out soft and tasty that is. :-) 

In the last few months I've developed a fool-proof recipe that is so quick, effortless and tasty! Oh and let's say "more nutritious than before" because it still calls for white flour, and we all know the rage about white flour and health these days. 

The best thing about this recipe is that everything goes in the food processor! 

*4 cups of unbleached* white flour (*you know, just to feel good about it being a tad healthier) 
*1 can of full fat coconut milk (although I used "lite" one time and they came out fine) 
*1 tsp baking powder (I've recently switched to aluminum free - reduce to 1/2 tsp if you want them flatter. Flatter is great for baleadas, but Luis likes them fluffy)
*2 scant tsp mineral salt (I use pink)

This makes around 16, depending on the ball size. 

That's it! No water necessary! I just put it all in the food processor and usually have to stop it once to push some of it down. Then I take it out and it's a tad sticky so I rub a big glob of coconut oil all over it. I don't put oil in the dough because the fat from the coconut milk is enough. I give it a quick knead then make the balls and let it rest - I always, always put saran wrap over the balls while they rest because they come out so stretchy. Another trick I always do is to begin rolling them out to ensure evenness, then I take them into my hands and flip them back and forth Honduran style. (although not all Hondurans do it that way).  You cook them face down and then flip them over and then when that side is done, flip them over again and wait for them to start puffing...once they start you gently help the whole thing puff with a towel or spatula. 

I have the sweetest little helper that absolutely loves to make tortillas with me. Her favorite part is eating the dough! 


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