Saturday, April 17, 2010

Visiting Friends

The past week has been an adventure for us. Luis and I went to El Salvador to visit some of our dear friends, Obed and Maria Palacios. Obed and Maria both studied at SETECA and were recently married. Now they are pastoring a church in a small town in El Salvador called Potrero Sula. It was such a blessing to be able to spend time with them! We were able to be a part of their community for a few days by visiting people, attending two of their church services, singing a solo at church, helping Maria teach one of her English classes, going to a near-by city to buy food, swimming in the river and eating dinner with the neighbors. We really enjoyed the people there are have been praying and talking a lot about returning to do Luis' 2 month practice for school. We were surprised to find that many of the people there are very white, tallish with blonde hair and blue or green eyes. Some of the kids from church thought that I was from a town in El Salvador. Maria told some of the kids when she first moved there, "Wow, you're more gringo than my gringa friend." 
We were so thankful for the time spent there and were able to receive advice and encouragement and also spend time laughing and catching up.We are so blessed to have a friendship with this wonderful couple. 
Obed and Luis bought roses together for their wives
A day at the river
                                 Enjoying the water
Eating yummy pupusas with several families from church
    Relaxing in the hammock 
Maria and I
      Luis and Willie, one of the kids from their church

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