Saturday, September 4, 2010

International Food contest

To raise money for missions, SETECA put on an international food contest this morning. Each country set up a table, decorated it, and prepared a special, typical food from their country to sell. There were Nicaraguan tacos, Guatemalan mole, Mexican tacos, Korean noodles, good ole USA sloppy joes and chocolate chip cookies, Honduran baleadas, and El Salvadorian pupusas. I ended up being drafted to make the beans for the baleadas, but did not help at all with the American food! lol. There were two professional chefs that came to taste each plate and judge them. Korea won first place, El Salvador second and Honduras third. Yay for Honduras! 

Honduran Baleada - flour tortilla, beans, eggs, cheese, cream, avocado with plantain on the side
Go Honduras
Selling the baleadas
Applauding Honduras - 3rd place!!!

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  1. Looks very yummy and fun! What a good idea for a fund-raiser!


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