Thursday, September 16, 2010


Dear Friends and Family,

We hope that God’s peace and love are surrounding you and that you are filled with joy because of the faithfulness of God in your lives!

As you already know, Kara and I are studying at a Bible Seminary in Guatemala because we feel called to be missionaries in rural places and with Indigenous people. So we have been taking Bible and mission classes each day and learning how to share the gospel in other cultures in a clear and concise way. We feel that Bible preparation is very important on the mission field. And we have discovered that the theory of what we are learning is still far away from putting it into practice, but we understand how important it is to learn to walk out correctly what we are learning.
Every profession, vocation, or preparation, requires a trial period and this time is used to put in practice everything that has been learned in theory. For that reason we would like to share with you that as part of a
Requirement of the seminary, Kara and I will move to a small village in El Salvador for two months. (Oct. 15-Dec. 15)
We have contacted the leadership of a church in this village and they have decided to receive us as interns. The church will be our base of ministry but our focus will be more outward. We will be getting to know the people, observing their culture, practices and beliefs and sharing the gospel as much as we can. Our hearts’ desire is to be able to immerse ourselves in the culture and become part of the people there so that our ministry will be well received.
Why are we sharing this with you? We know that moving to an unknown culture is not easy. In fact it can be very difficult because of cultural shocks in many different ways.  This is why we are motivated to make you part of our journey because we know that you will be praying for us. We would like to ask you to pray for us in the following areas:

Ministry & Personal Requests:
1. That we can take advantage of our time there
2. That God will open the doors for us to minister and learn
3. That God will provide economically everything needed
4. That God will work in our lives through the time with the people

We thank you for your prayers and your love for us and we pray that God bless you richly!

Love in Christ, 
Luis & Kara


  1. We are soo proud of you!! I know the Lord is going to greatly bless your time away. May you be filled with great joy in Him. I love you!!

  2. We are excited for you as the Lord takes you on this new adventure and will be praying for you!


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