Thursday, November 25, 2010

It´s never too late to learn!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend the 6th grade graduation of a 21 year old young man from church named Chusito. El Salvador is working very hard to lower the rate of illiteracy in this country. Their motto is, “It is never too late to learn.” Chusito is a very active member of Esmirna Church and has a heart for evangelism. We were very proud to witness his graduation and know that he has now learned to read and write very well. The vice president of El Salvador was present to support and encourage this community and he expressed his great desire to see his country educated. The government also donated an ambulance to the community as part of the ceremony for their efforts to learn.
Chusito receives his certificate

There was a huge multitud of people!


Vice President of El Salvador gives his speech

Vice President greets people

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