Monday, February 14, 2011

Love and Friendship

This Valentine´s day was spent appreciating my friends and loving on my sweetheart. I made cheesecake and cut them into little squares to give to my close girlfriends here. And for Luis I made chicken pot pie for the first time ever! He loves anything and everything with chicken in it plus he has a huge sweet tooth! We debated about whether going out to eat or not for the occasion but then we decided to just celebrate at home and go to the mall and walk around a little before lunch. Luis wrote me a beautiful love letter and we remembered how two years ago today, he gave me my engagement ring and formally asked me to be his wife. We are so glad that I said yes! Not because we have the perfect marriage or the perfect rose-colored world. We know that no one does. But we are so grateful to be in this journey of life together and learn how to truly love one another and sacrifice for one another. Natalie and Josh gave us a wonderful marriage book for Christmas called, "When sinners say I do" and we have really enjoyed reading together and learning from it.
I am so grateful for this time in school and all of the time that we get to spend together each day and I praise God for His great love for us and that He has called us His friends.

Cheesecake gifts

My dear friends - Anahí, Katya and Angie

Chicken pot pie and salad!

A romantic lunch
My wonderful husband, true love, and best friend

I love you, Baby!


  1. Very sweet. Happy Valentine's Day! -Sharon

  2. Your little cheesecake gifts look so pretty and I'm sure they were delicious! What a creative idea!


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