Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My sweet Preacher!

I recently took a spiritual gifts test and it re-confirmed what some of my gifts are. Later Luis took the same test and I loved seeing our differences and how we compliment one another! I scored very high in hospitality, apostle, sharing, and service/help. Luis' highest scores were in words of wisdom, evangelism, faith, teaching and sharing. I have always known that about him - and especially have admired his gift of faith. This is something that I have seen in him from many years ago. As God's children, we should all have faith, but some people are blessed with being gifted with another measure of faith. Also, Luis has really blossomed in his ability to preach/teach over the last year and I have LOVED seeing how God is using him in his spiritual gifts. Taking the test was a good reminder to me to use what God has given me for His glory. Below is a picture of us - Luis is wearing his new tie he got from Christmas (Thanks Mom and Dad!) and he was on his way out to preach a required sermon for one of his classes. (Preaching 3) P.S. And I am wearing an adorable scarf that Sharon gave me because it really has been THAT cold here in Guatemala!!!


  1. Sharon and MarvinMarch 16, 2011 at 4:12 PM

    We are so proud of you Luis! Keep it up!! Nice scarf Kara!

  2. What a nice-looking and inspirational couple!

  3. What a goodlooking couple!! I am very proud of you too, Luis!! Love you guys!

  4. I can't say it enough that I love reading your blog, Kara! You are inspirational and young ladies like me are taking note of your love for the Lord and learning from it, as well as your God-honoring relationship with Luis.

    It's such a treat for me everytime you update your blog. "A word spoken in the right time is like golden apples in baskets of silver!" (proverbs)

    Thank you for your edifying words and for sharing your life for His glory. :D


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