Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Catherine Lynn Faull

This beautiful, radiant girl is my youngest sister, Cate. She has many nicknames in our family and is dearly loved by all. The time that she spent with Luis and I here in Guatemala, went by way too fast. When she left, she wrote a list of things that she loves about Luis and I. Now we want to do the same for her! 
Some things we love about Catie:
*Her radiant smile and contagious laughter
*Her sincere desire to grow in holiness and purity
*Her incredible creativity and artistic talent (paintings, crafts, drawings, etc.)
*Her easy going, laid-back personality
*Her transparency
*Her writing skills - I hope she publishes a book someday
*She's so much fun to be with!
*Her hilarious inside jokes
*Her compassion towards others
*Her love for other cultures and people
*Her sincere interest in other people
*The way she tries to convince us about a good idea *wink, wink
*Her beautiful voice - I love singing with her!
*Her servant's heart
Ahhh and so many more things! We love you Cate!


  1. ahhhh kara that was so sweet!!! you guys give me way too much credit! and as for the good idea, wink wink ;) haha sorry about that! i love you guys!

  2. That is so sweet!! I agree with them all:)

  3. I agree too! You are amazing babe! I wonder what that good idea was?


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