Friday, October 28, 2011

Some of my favorites

It was hard choosing pictures to post of the wonderful time we had with my family! Like Hailey said, the time was just way too short. We all kept asking each other my mom's famous question,"What's been your highlight?" I think I mentioned almost every thing we did as being a highlight! lol. I especially love the shots of us girls - although it's not complete since Natalie was missing! I can't wait until we can all be together again...
I love this pict of Luis and Marvin! The ruins in the back are so  breath-taking

I love this picture because the fresco painting in backgrounds stands out so much!

Mom with two of her son-in-laws

I'm never too old for my momma to hold me!

Precious - so winsome 

So cute!

We could be twins

I think this picture captivates Hailey's spunky and adventurous  spirit!

One of my favorites - I love the flowers in the background too!

This girl came all the way to Guatemala to surprise me!

There are so many fairy-tale spots in Antigua

I wish I could be with these girls more often

Can we just stay here forever?

Salad Bowl 2 - not nearly as thrilling as the first time but just as much fun!

Ah! They're still in love!

Love it!

Haha ready for 3-D movie!

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  1. Wonderful pictures and comments dear! It was such a memorable trip! Love ya!


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