Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Birthday History

 1988 - Junction, Tx. My very first birthday! I don't remember a thing! Although I think this was the first time I ever ate something with sugar in it. 
 1993 - Rockford, IL. I think this was my 6th birthday. I don't remember much of this birthday. But I guess my grandparent's came to visit and gave me this zoodle sweater!
1994 - Rockford, IL. I think this was my 7th birthday. I do remember having this friend party and absolutely loving the gift that Louisa and Amy Fredrickson gave me! (Pictured). It was some kind of clothes.

  13 – 2000. La Ceiba, Honduras. Surprise ride in a fire truck around the city. Then I went to Pizza Hut with my family and the waiters sang to me. This one weird guy tried dancing with me! It was very awkward and I sat down as soon as possible.

14 – 2001. La Ceiba, Honduras. All I can remember is that Pastor Donny and his wife Xiomara, from our church, came over to visit and gave me my first Spanish Bible. I think they prayed for me too. J

 15 – 2002. Lucinda, Honduras. Our friends from Balfate came over for a little while and made me a cake and I think we may have gone to Alfa. That’s all I remember! 

 16 – 2003. Rockford, IL. I got my driver’s license this day. I also took Sharon to Wal-mart and scratched a car pulling into a parking place! That night I had some friends over for a little party. (We were staying in the Hryzchuck’s house) We had a Dairy Queen ice cream cake!

17 – 2004. Lucinda, Honduras. All I remember is that we went to Alfa that night and for some reason Luis made me really mad! (Can’t remember why) I came home and went to bed and cried! I think earlier that day he had given me a gold necklace and ring. I’m sure my family had some sort of celebration too.

 18 – 2005. Rockford, IL. We were staying at a house off of Blackhawk Rd. I think Sarah Lantz was visiting. I got my first computer! I think that night we went out for Mexican food with my Uncle Rich, and cousins, Lance and Keith.

 19 – 2006. Gainesville, GA. I was in RAD, and I woke up very upset, wondering if I was even saved! After a time of prayer I felt much better, and was sure that I was. Our team went to a coffee shop where we took personality tests. My parents gave me my first (and only) MP3 player. That night we went out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Then we went to the church, where we stayed, and had a Dairy Queen ice cream cake and watched “The gods must be generals”. Kristyn Concepcion gave me a Grits c.d.!

 20 – 2007. Gainesville, GA/Honduras. I got a neat card from the RAD team. Then I flew to Honduras! I read “Passion and Purity” by Elizabeth Elliot on my way there. I was sad that day too and I cried. But when I got to Honduras my parents had a little celebration dinner and my now sister-in-law, Erika, and her husband Carlos were there. 

 21 – 2008. Atlanta, GA. Sharon and I went to church and then came home to a surprise party with Josh and Natalie, our neighbors, Noemi and Shannon, and an mk friend, Adam Drozek. Natalie made yummy enchiladas and peanut butter cheesecake! There was a beautiful bouquet of flowers and our neighbors brought over a bottle of wine, sort of as a joke, since I was turning 21.
 22 – 2009. Lucinda, Honduras. First birthday married! Luis took me to La Ceiba with his niece, Lizzy and my mother-in-law. We went to Pizza Hut to celebrate!

23 – 2010. El Salvador/Honduras. This was an awesome birthday! Luis was doing his internship in El Salvador so I got a little celebration from the church a few days before. Then on Dec. 13, we traveled to the capital with our friends, Obed and Maria where we celebrated at Pizza Hut! Luis bought me a beautiful Clinique perfume set. On the 14th, I took a bus by myself to Honduras where Sharon and Marvin picked me up! They took me out to eat a yummy Mexican restaurant. Then we went to the airport to pick up my parents, Hailey and Cate. That same night we traveled to La Ceiba. When we got there, in the middle of the night, Sharon pulled out an ice cream cake, which we ate right then! The next day we traveled out to Balfate. I went over to my in-laws, to say hi and as soon as I got there my family pulled up and came in the kitchen for another surprise dinner and cake!


  1. Thank you for that lovely history and good memories! I am soooo thankful the Lord brought you into this world!!! I love you!

  2. I loved reading this little history and am so impressed that you had all those pictures accessible! I can't believe you're 24! The pictures from this year are great, too!


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