Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trip to Georgia!

Wow! The last few months have been a whirl-wind of events. I have LOVED having Luis here sharing in my culture, heart-language and family. His adaption has been so wonderful - the Lord definitely prepared him in advance. Recently we had the opportunity to go to Georgia for my nephew's, (Peter) second birthday. Although the time was way too short, we had so much fun with Josh, Natalie and the kids! Some of my highlights were: seeing Luis bond with Nadia, Peter and even Karalynn! Introducing Luis to old friends in Gainesville, bonding with Natalie, and meeting up with Luis' old friend from highschool. Recently Jorge (Luis' friend), got in contact with Luis to let him know that he now lives in Atlanta. It was exciting for Luis to find out after 6 or so years of not hearing from him, that Jorge is now a Christian and also got his green card here in the U.S. in the last few years. Jorge made a special drive up to see Luis and it was fun for me to see old friends catch up and share a little of their spiritual journeys with each other. Okay so another one of my favorite parts was hearing Peter talk! Every time any of us would mention his birthday he would always respond with, "Truck Cake", since his momma made him a special firetruck cake for his birthday. He was so precious! 
Snuggling with Karalynn who is SO cuddly!

Bonding time with Nadia Cate

Reconnecting with Jorge

Family photo

Bonding with Peter!

Bonding with Natalie!

Bonding with Cate!

Nadia with Gaggy's lipstick and purse - she's such a girly girl!

Peter getting ready to eat his Truck Cake

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