Monday, July 30, 2012

Natalie Kristen O'Neil

 It had been many years since I was able to be with my oldest sister, Natalie, on her birthday. I think the last time was before she was married and had three adorable kids! This past weekend my parents, Luis and I were able to drive down to GA to be with Natalie (and fam) for her 27th birthday. I am so thankful for Natalie and the wonderful example she is to me as a sister, a wife and a mother. I learn so much from her daily life every time I see her! Here are some ways that she encourages and challenges me:

1. She is always learning something new through books or encouraging online resources - this greatly motivates me to read more and continue to learn all I can!
2. The food she serves us is always seasoned with novelty & creativity - often using ingredients that she & Josh grow at home! 
3. Her tone of voice with the children is always kind and gracious - I  have never once heard her yell or raise her voice at them! 
4. Her family is her top priority - she gladly leaves anything she is working on to tend to their needs!

P.S. I also wanted to share one of my highlights of Natalie's birthday ~ this year Nadia Cate, my oldest niece had planned and put together a very special present for her mommy. This included some flowers, a note that said that she was excited about her b-day, a familiar-looking blanket and a picture. It was so sweet to witness Nadia being so gifty! She also had gone out with her daddy to buy all of us gifts! 

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