Saturday, July 21, 2012

Things I Love.

This is one of the first posts I wrote in 2009 when we still lived in Guatemala. I'm re-posting it to be reminded of the things I love!

1. hearing birds sing praises to Jesus in the morning

2. creating yummy food for Luis

3. sunny, hot days on the carribean

4. shopping

5. practicing piano

6. music that inspires and makes me adore God

7. good books that make me cry and that give me a new glimpse of who Jesus is

8. watching Luis play soccer and cheering him on

9. traveling

10. being refreshed by God right when I feel I've reached the end of my rope

11. living in a diverse, very international place (there are people from 25 countries represented at our school)

12. laughing with Luis

13. surprises

14. flowers, anything beautiful

15. taking the public transportation to church

16. when God speaks so clearly to me I can't deny it

17. having people over to our apartment

18. getting emails from people I love

19. walking in the house and finding that Luis has mopped, cleaned the bathroom and washed the clothes for me

20. anything sweet...especially ice cream!

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