Saturday, August 4, 2012

Things I Have To Do Before I Die

1. Learn to play the piano like Maggie Faull

2. Become a certified Suzuki violin teacher

3. Become 10x better at playing the violin and reading music

4. Tile my own kitchen

5. Become a Bed & Breakfast owner

6. Publish a cookbook (Inspired by Lyn Froehlich)

7. Learn more about photography - take decent pictures

8. Learn about Landscaping 

9. Have a huge vegetable, herb and fruit garden!

10. Have 4-6 kids

11. Travel more

12. Homeschool (hopefully that way I can learn more history etc.)

13. Paint some more (first finish the ones I'm working on)

14. Memorize more Scripture

15. Do another triathlon (or maybe a marathon this time)

16. Paint a fresco - or two

17. Learn another language - either Portuguese or Italian would be nice

Should I write a list of things that I want Luis to do before he dies? 


  1. YES!!! Haha I want to see your list for Luis!

  2. i love the way you write kara! this is an AMAZING list! and yes i agree about one for luis:)

  3. haha yeah i can think of some things i'd like marvin to do before dying too. (-; love ya dear!


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