Saturday, October 20, 2012


Ten years I've known this man who was born 26 years ago. Each year my love for him has grown and our relationship has matured and become more fulfilling and purposeful! It has been such a privilege for me to watch the Lord work in my husband over the years. He has blossomed into a wonderful and confident Son of the King, and servant-leader to me! When he was born, the neighbor told my mother-in-law that he was so white & handsome he'd have to marry a gringa! Little did they know that he really would! I have enjoyed so much being married to Luis and growing together with him in our love for each other and the Lord. This afternoon we had such a joy-filled time opening gifts and celebrating his birthday. My grandpa told me last night that he couldn't have picked a better husband for me. :-) 
Happy birthday my love! May the Lord bless us with many years to come and may we glorify Him with each year that He gives us. I love you!

So excited to get a new golf bag from dad!

This is my absolute fav of the bunch! He was very surprised to get these shoes he had his eye on!

He was also very surprised and happy to get these tennis shoes from mom!

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  1. Wow!! Looks like Luis got some wonderful gifts!! (-; I hope he got the birthday message I was trying to send him on facebook--if not, tell him happy belated birthday! He is a great addition to the family, and we love him tons!


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