Saturday, June 8, 2013

God's timing is PERFECT!

I'm so so thankful that God's timing is perfect! After bidding 6 times on our home (3 times our bids were rejected, and 3 separate times our bids were accepted), waiting 4 months, we finally moved in last week. From the bidding process, getting things fixed, all the way to finding very affordable bargains on furniture, we have an amazing story of how God has worked on our behalf!  It has been so wonderful to have a space of our own to make beautiful and call home. We have been praying that God's presence, His peace and joy would be felt in our home, and that it would be used for His glory. We are so humbled and undeserving of this precious gift, but isn't He just like that? To shower abundant blessings on His children?
Oh and by the way. We love visitors and can't wait to host all our family and friends! Also we are praying that God would fill the place up with children! In His timing of course! We can't wait!

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