Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was not the "perfect day" but just what I needed to rejoice in Christ's resurrection. It was our first day back in church since the birth of Ellie Sofia. I did a bunch of things to prepare for "the perfect transition" and planned to get there 1/2 hr early, also hoped she would take her usual 2 hour nap in the morning before we left. She did not, but ultimately I just prayed that God's grace would be on her and that we could give her what she needed for that day! Since she didn't get a good nap in, she was not a happy camper when we pulled up to church. I ended up having to nurse her to calm her down and we got into the service late. She slept for a short while then started getting fussy so I spent the rest of the service in a private office nursing her! Afterwards I had hoped to see and talk to many people we hadn't seen for quite awhile. Well, we ended up leaving promptly because she was starting to cry pretty hard! Usually our little girl is very laid back, but, ya know,  a girl has to have a good nap! 
We enjoyed a nice lunch with my parents and relatives but by the afternoon, Ellie Sofia just needed to get home and her new mommy and daddy were exhausted! So the three of us went home and took a nap! Afterwards we enjoyed a pleasant walk, just the three of us and our daughter slept the whole time. That evening, as I rocked my tired little girl to sleep, I became overwhelmed with gratitude. No, Easter Sunday wasn't what I had planned or hoped, but it was (and IS) so much more then that! He is risen! He is risen indeed! There is SO MUCH HOPE for tired new parents, who are still learning their way. One of the greatest blessings of motherhood for me has been a deeper intimacy and dependency on Jesus! So, despite all my fallen efforts to "have a good time and enjoy the perfect day", the Lord showed me that all I needed to do was rest in His strength and rejoice in His resurrection! 
Luis & I are SO BLESSED to have this little girl and begin the journey of parenthood. It has brought us closer together in our marriage - our bond and love for each other has deepened so much more. Every day I thank the Lord for the privilege of having this sweet girl. And I am humbled to be her mother. The Lord has already taught me so many things through her 5 wks of life. :-)
La Familia Nunez!

Easter dress from Aunt Natalie & Uncle Josh

She wasn't too excited about the pics...hahaha

Smiled back at Luis for the first time!

Smiling with daddy

Crashed in my arms after an exhausting day!

Snoozing with Aunt Cate - this is Cate's fav position to hold her, lol


  1. I love the pictures, especially the one of her crashed on you! She is such a beauty! Yes, God's grace is good. You are such a sweet Mommy. :-) Lizbeth wore the dress you gave her on Easter, too. :-)

  2. Beautiful pics dear! Your post made me smile-i can identify with the situations you described!! Michayla`s first day back to church wasn`t the smoothest either. (= You guys are doing a great job! Great reflections on Easter. Yes, He is risen!! We have hope!


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