Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends and Family,
Merry Christmas from the Nunez family! If I could use one word to describe this year it would be: REFINING. Yes, God has been doing lots of refining in us, personally, as parents and even as an extended family! Sometimes I have felt like I'm on an emotional roller coaster ride, but I'm thankful that even when lies begin to creep in, I have God's word and my family around to remind me of His TRUTH. And the truth of this Christmas season is that Jesus came to "DESTROY THE WORK OF THE DEVIL" (in the words of our Pastor, but they come straight from the Bible). It has been such a privilege for us to become parents this year, and we are so in love with our little Ellie Sofia. At times is has been tough, but God has shown me that He wants to grow in us ENDURANCE. Sometimes, I've felt discouraged because I feel like we're not doing anything significant for His kingdom right now, but thankfully Luis has been a tremendous encouragement and reminds me often that we're in a process of preparation still. And learning to be a little family full of God's grace, peace and love is just exactly where He wants us, in Boardman, OH, right now. I am thankful to be reminded this year that He WILL fulfill His purpose in us, that this is HIS story, not ours (we are just a little 2 second clip of the back of our heads in a movie, as described in Crazy Love - so yeah our lives aren't even about us - they are all about HIM and HIS glory). I am sooooo thankful for all the things God is doing in us, for how far He's brought us (looking back that's a long way). I'm SO thankful for the trials and hard times He's allowed because when I finally learned to cooperate with His pruning, He has proved Himself glorified once again. I love you, Jesus, my Savior, I'm so very thankful for your work in our lives. I'm thankful that you've REBUILT us, REDEEMED us, RESTORED us, HEALED us and SAVED us, and You continue your sanctification work in our lives. We love you and we as a family lift up Your name this Christmas! This is YOUR story, Lord, and it's all about YOU! 

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