Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Soccer Championship

Lately I have been very entertained by the soccer tournament that is going on here at school. There is team for each grade, the pastors, the professors and even one for the married men. (Luis is playing with the married men)

If you've ever been around latinos...well you know how into soccer they are!

It's funny though; Luis and I got together with all the Hondurans here at school for baleadas on Friday night. Besides me, there was one other girl there who was not Honduran. She is Guatemalan and she is dating one of the Honduran guys.

From the time we got there, the guys started talking right away about the soccer tournament. The funny part is that Janet, the Guatemalan girl, told us women that every time she has been with a group of Hondurans, ALL THEY TALK ABOUT IS SOCCER!
I told Luis that later and he seemed to agree. They CAN be a little obsessed sometimes.

But the soccer tournament has been really exciting and they have even created a page on facebook for all the fans to comment and post pictures. It's pretty serious... they even give out prizes. And Luis won a prize for being fan #100.

I have learned a lot about soccer, being married to Luis, and I can even say that I enjoy watching it.

But one of my favorite parts about the tournamanet is cheering Luis on and being his biggest fan.

My mom gave me a little encouragement yesterday about being so crazy about Luis that other people will be too. I have really seen her be my dad's biggest cheerleader in all aspects of life. I want to be Luis' biggest fan, his biggest cheerleader as we walk through life together.


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