Monday, March 1, 2010

Salsa, hummus and mashed avocados

I have really enjoyed cooking for Luis. It is one of my favorite parts of the day. (I like cooking for myself and others also. lol)

Lately I have been craving jalapeños SO MUCH. It's kind of weird because during my classes I'll catch myself thinking about cooking with them and eating them.

I've enjoyed making hummus lately. The first time I made them the traditional way with garlic. Luis doesn't like garlic at all. But I thought that if I put a little in, he wouldn't notice. Well he did. haha. So I started putting jalapeños in it and it tastes so good! I put cumin, jalapeños, lemon juice and olive oil in with the chick peas.

Tonight for supper I made hummus, salsa with pineapples and mashed avocado. I toasted some whole wheat bread and on one slice I spread the hummus. On the other slice I spread the mashed avocado. Then I put lettuce and on top of that I put the salsa, tomatoes and cheese. On Luis' sandwich I put a hunk of ham.

At the end of the meal I really felt like Sharon's famous line, "Man, I wish this meal would never end..."


  1. Lol you're cute dear!!! Looks like yummy food! I'm glad you're enjoying cooking! Mom and I read through your recent posts this morning! We think you are a great writer!! And we're glad you are blogging! Love ya! (lol--mom had trouble leaving a comment earlier, and it came out that her comment was from dad for some reason lol.)

  2. ooh that is really funny! I totally thought Dad had left that comment! Well thank you dear! I am really excited about blogging! Love you too!


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