Friday, March 5, 2010


I am in a group of young ladies who have all been married in the last four years. There is one lady who just got married in January. We get together every two weeks and I love it!

Our mentor is a wonderful, godly (and experienced in being married) woman from Peru who has been married almost 30 years. Her husband is from El Salvador.

Today we got together to pray and meditate on some verses from Prov. 31. Then we were asked to write three things that bother our husbands about us that we need prayer for to change. We shared one thing from the list and listened to others advice about what to do. At the end we were challenged to take steps towards change in these areas.

I always feel challenged and refreshed after we meet. It is so much fun to have this intimacy with a group of other women who are in the same boat as me. Every one of them is a foreigner to Guatemala, new at school, and new in their marriage and some of them, like me, have interracial marriages as well. I LOVE it!

Oh, I am so blessed....

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  1. Yes, you are blessed. How gracious of the Lord to put you exactly in a place where you would receive encouragement for exactly what you need! (mom aka ted)


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