Saturday, March 6, 2010

Phase 10

Ever since Christmas when Josh and Natalie gave us Phase 10...Luis and I have enjoyed so many competitive, fun nights with family, friends and just ourselves! We love the game so much because besides skill, it really depends on the cards you draw to win and each time we experience the thrill of someone pulling ahead, and then falling behind! (and I just love it when I'm the one pulling ahead. lol)

Tonight we had two of our friends, Tian and Arodi, over for supper and Phase 10. We had already played once with Tian, who caught on right away. Arodi caught right on as well and she laughed the whole night (even though she was losing) with Luis' entertaining jokes. Tian and I were pretty much tied the whole game but at the very end the three of them were able to skip me many times and I fell behind! We all ended up being pretty close at the end but Tian was the winner.

I forgot to take pictures tonight, but below is a picture of me playing against Luis on a different night. (note the happy look of a winner)

I am looking forward to many other nights playing...and I can't wait until Luis and I can play against Josh and Natalie, since they were the ones that gave the game to us. Get ready, guys! We've been practicing...;-)


  1. We had so much fun playing with you in Honduras!(mom)

  2. Oh we did too! We're gonna have to have another round at the wedding...:-)


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