Tuesday, July 27, 2010

He can change my heart

I have really been struggling with a phobia of worms. So much so that instead of feeling overwhelmingly grateful that someone gave away a truckload of vegetables to all the families at school, all I could think of was that these veggies were probably crawling with worms. I immediately started complaining when I walked in the kitchen and saw a huge amount of freshly picked vegetables in the sink. Luis just gave me "the look" and I decided I better be quiet. A few minutes later he started to wash them. I finally worked up the courage to go in there and watch him. Then slowly I began to feel the sink with water and clorox to soak them. I checked every single inch of every piece of vegetable (at a distance) to make sure nothing was hiding. I complained a little more and Luis was very patient with me. After awhile I started feeling really guilty for my attitude. I asked God to help me get over my fear and I put my apron on, and started listening to Chris Tomlin, "Indescribable". Then I realized how ungrateful I was being. But there is a part in the song that says, "You know my heart, yet you love me the same". I praise the Lord that He loves me even though he knows the ugliness of my heart. I knew that I really didn't deserve such a wonderful blessing after my snobbish attitude, yet the Lord delights to change my heart when I am willing. Later, after I was sure that everything was clean, I spent over an hour chopping up carrots, green beans, broccoli and potatoes to freeze. I slowly began to feel very grateful and blessed by His wonderful provision. 

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  1. good for you dear! i am sure you are enjoying the veggies now that they are clean and cut up! (-;


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