Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tis the Christmas Season....

....Well, not quite yet, but Angie and I have been nostalgically talking about Christmas and feeling somewhat homesick together. So she decided to come over and make cookies with me and told me to turn on some Christmas music. We lit candles and it just kind of turned into a big party. By the end of the night, our bedroom had turned into the guy's hang out place while the kitchen was ringing with laughter and the smell of baking. We told our Mexican friend to close her eyes while we enjoyed the cookie dough! And we began planning an early Christmas party. As we said our goodbyes later that evening, we hugged and wished each other a "Feliz Navidad"



  1. You must be related to Hailey Anne Faull. She used to always want to keep Christmas going all year round!


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