Monday, August 30, 2010

Women's Retreat

I just got back from a wonderful women's retreat over the weekend. It was very refreshing! (Although I missed Luis terribly) The theme was, "Victorious Living". Apart from relaxation, delicious food, touring Antigua and winning prizes and girl fellowship, I came away with a very practical way to remember to put on the Armor of God each day. 
This tangible list of what I "put on"  to get ready each day will help me to be thinking of the list from Eph. 6: 

Underarm deodorant: Each day when i put on my protective deodorant I will be reminded to be putting on the armor of God. 
Pants/Belt: Belt of Truth - Combat lies/doubts by BELIEVING every word in the Bible
Bra: Breastplate of Righteousness - It's the righteousness of Jesus that will protect my heart, not my own righteousness
Shoes: Feet readied with the gospel of peace - walk in God's peace throughout the day. Peace with God, peace with others and peace with myself.
Make-up w/ SPF: Shield of Faith - Soak in Word of God so I can extinguish fiery darts of the the enemy
Fixing Hair: Helmet of Salvation - walk in knowing I am His
The Bible: Sword of the Spirit to attack lies, doubts, discouragement, feelings, etc.


  1. Fun fun dear!! miss ya!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I love the armor of God!!!


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