Monday, November 1, 2010

El Salvador

Dear Friends and Family,
 Blessings to you in Christ Jesus! We hope this little update about our adventures in El Salvador will be of encouragement to you.
We would like to share with you that we have been in a village called Potrero Sula, two hours north of San Salvador, for a week now.
On the way here we got stuck in a river (la plancha), then spent the night and shared a wonderful time with the Loredo family and our friend Deyni in Tegucigalpa. We thank the Lord for safe travels and all of your prayers!
It is with much joy that we share with you that our time in this place has already been such a blessing to our lives. Our brothers and sisters in Christ at the church, Esmirna, are very loving, kind and hospitable. They love long visits in their homes (meaning that they like us to come and stay all day long!)
This week we have had the opportunity to visit many homes and have direct contact with the community, observing the culture and getting to know the area. It has been very fascinating for us.
The pastor here that we are working with is doing a great job in the community of establishing relation-ships, teaching, discipling, etc. but the need is still very great. There is much to be done.
We are staying with the pastor and his wife and I am working directly with him. I will be working in three villages surrounding Potrero Sula, where there is no evangelical church and the majority of the people are not Christians. There is a huge number of professing Roman Catholics that I will be sharing with, observing and getting to know.
So far I have had the opportunity to share with the youth at Esmirna about missions and this morning we joined with Esmirna in a time of prayer and fasting. 
Please continue praying for us:
Salu! (This is how the people say adiós here)
Blessings in abundance to all of you!
Luis and Kara Núñez


  1. So proud of you! and praying for you daily!!

  2. Wow! I can't wait hear some more!!



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