Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A little of this and that

Wow, we have been in Honduras for almost two weeks now! It has been a whirlwind trip filled with many surprise blessings. First of all, I was able to get my residency renewed for another year! I have the wrong type of residency, so I will eventually need to get that changed, but for now it's so nice to have some extra time! (Thanks to everyone who prayed for that) I am working on some paintings that I hope to sell to earn a little extra Christmas money. (see pictures below) It's neat how God continues to provide for us. I came here with about $50 that I earned at the seminary from teaching violin. Well I spent almost all of it on a nice birthday gift for Luis! On Sunday I was asked to translate at a church service. It ends up that the pastor I translated for knows Rob Finney! I was able to earn from translating just about everything I had spent. So praise the Lord for that opportunity. Also, I have been praying for a violin for about a year now and the Rumbaughs gave me one for free that no one was using! Pretty amazing, huh? 
Luis' birthday is tomorrow and I made chocolate-peanut-butter-cream cheese pie and creamy wafers. We are having a big celebration at lunch with all of his family tomorrow. He is 24! I have known him since he was 15, and it has been such a joy to see him grow into such a wonderful godly man. He brings me so much joy to my life. We are still not in El Salvador because Luis' older brother is getting married on the 22nd. This is definitely a praise! His brother is not a Christian, and he always said that he would never get married. So we are really happy that instead of just taking his fiancée to live with him, he will be marrying her. So we plan to leave for El Salvador on the 24th and we are so excited! We are sharing at Alfa & Omega on missions tonight. Hmm...that is about all I can update you on! 


  1. Beautiful! You are such a great artist, Kara!

  2. These are AMAZING! I love hearing about you and Sharon's lives, it's really exciting :)



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