Sunday, November 28, 2010

A community of hospitality

We have been so spoiled by our brothers and sisters from Esmirna Church here in El Salvador! Obed, Maria, Luis and I have had so many invitations that we haven´t been able to accept them all! The hospitality and generosity of this church has really blown us away. One thing that has really struck us is that the brothers and sisters love to get together for no reason other than to fellowship. Today we were invited to a huge lunch! We weren´t the only ones invited…5 other families were invited as well. What´s the occasion? Is it your birthday? No…we just want to have a get-together. We ate goat soup (which was only the appetizer) and then grilled goat with rice, salad and tortillas. We have been invited to eat fish, steak, chicken, turkey, goat, hamburgers, pupusas, among other things. Tonight we are having dinner at another sister´s house! What a an example of joyous fellowship in this community.

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  1. How awesome! We have been learning a lot lately about the blessings of generosity! (-; So much fun! Can't wait to see you!


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