Saturday, December 25, 2010

Birthday Celebrations!

On December 14th I turned 23. I praise the Lord for the life He has given me and I am so thankful for the way my friends and family celebrated my birthday this year. First of all, on the 12th I was still in El Salvador. The church there sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me and lavished me with lots of gifts and hugs. The next day Luis took me and our friends (the couple that we lived with for two months) out to eat at Pizza Hut. Then we went shopping at the mall and my sweet husband gave me a beautiful perfume set for my birthday present. We spent the night in San Salvador that night. Early on the 14th they took me to the bus station where I took a direct bus to San Pedro Sula, Honduras to meet my family. Sharon and Marvin picked me up at the bus station and then they took me out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. Then later we picked my parents, Hailey and Cate up at the airport and drove to La Ceiba. It was 1am by the time we got there, but Sharon had made an ice cream for my birthday which we happily dug into. She had also decorated with balloons and a sign. The next day we slept in and then drove out to my parent's house in Balfate. And then I was surprised by another birthday celebration with Luis' family! Basically my friends and family celebrated my 23 years four days in a row! I am so thankful to be surrounded by so much love from all of them.
First celebration on the 13th at Pizza Hut

The waiters surprised me by singing to me!

Shopping at the mall and enjoying the Christmas decorations

My Sweetheart and I

My dear friend, Maria

yummy pizza!

Early morning on the 14th before Luis dropped me off
yummy Mexican food with Sharon and Marvin!

My sweet sister and I

At Sharon's house in La Ceiba eating ice cream cake 

So fun to be with my sisters again!
Surprise celebration on the 15th with Luis' family

Much laughter and fun!

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