Thursday, January 13, 2011


A going away party was held at our house for one of the short-termers the other night and when we got home I ran into some old friends that I didn't expect to see. Deyni is a medical student whom has been such an encourager to me over the years. Rosmery is a girl who has lived with a missionary family here in the past and is now going to school to be a teacher, I believe. The three of us remembered a time we had on the beach together a couple of years ago where we just spoke scripture over each other and prayed for each other. Once again we began to share what the Lord is teaching us at this point in our walks and I just felt so blessed to be with both of them again! The Lord doesn't cease to amaze me by what He is doing in these girls and through them. They both are passionate followers of Jesus Christ and no matter how much time goes by, whenever I see them again they are always ready with a word of encouragement for the race we are running as believers. My only regret of seeing them is that I didn't take a picture of the three of us together! Below are a few pictures of us taken last year. 


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