Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An MK tea party

Sharon and I hosted a tea party for the lovely MK ladies of the community. The theme was presenting yourself in an excellent fashion - coming from the inward self most of all.  We had cookies and cinnamon rolls, banana bread and hot chocolate. Sharon gave an introduction using the throw away cup, the good old coffee mug and the special occasion tea cup. We should treat ourselves and guard ourselves like the tea cup! Then Amanda led us in a time of games - we did the toilet paper wrap to see who could make the most beautiful gown and then we played the memory game. And then I talked to the girls from 1 Tim. 4:12 - how to be an example in life, speech, faith, love and purity. I also encouraged them to pray with one another, hold each other accountable and encourage one another, since they have such a close-knit community. They are so open and sweet and the conversation just took off from there as they shared their ideas and some struggles. Afterwards three of the girls asked to talk to us about how they can become friends with the Honduran girls here. It was such a special night and Sharon and I used the opportunity to wear our wedding dresses again!

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