Monday, January 3, 2011

Trip to Siguatepeque

The day after Christmas we all headed to Siguatepeque, where my brother-in-law (Marvin) is from. That night we were able to stop by a pottery shop and then go and see the traditional nacimientos (scenes of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in the manger plus a lot of modern scenes to surround it!) from Siguatepeque. It was a great way to end the time with my parents, Hailey and Catie. We dropped them off at the airport the next morning and I cried as if I would never see them again! But then I decided to just be grateful for the time we could have with them. My parents taught us to be best friends as sisters, and now even my parents are my best friends. I am so thankful for my wonderful, godly family and the unity that we have, including all of the recent newest members! After they left, Luis and I went back with Marvin and Sharon to Siguat, where we stayed a few days at Marvin's parent's house. It was such a relaxing, joyful time to be with them and get to know Marvin and his family better. They took us around the city, out for tacos and pupusas, and one of my highlight's was taking a picture with Sharon at a conference center where we used to go as girls for missionary conferences. We just happened to drive past it! 
We praise God for His protection in our travels - we passed a bus and a truck that had flipped but as far as we know there were no deaths. Now we are back in Balfate enjoying our last few weeks of vacation before classes start up again!
The letters say, "Glory to God in the highest"

Pottery place

Out for lunch

Marvin's mom (Gina) 

Conference center MEDA

This is where we came for many years when we were younger!

Another siguat tradition - burning the old year!

ride back

Bus that was flipped - 39 wounded

Truck that flipped
But it was a beautiful day to travel and thank God for His creation!

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  1. I love this blog Kara! I love the way you write, I miss you and Luis <3


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