Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yay! Cate Faull is finally here! We bounded so much during my trip to Ohio and discovered that we are so much alike and have so much in common. Luis and I had been looking forward to spending some more time with my baby sister! (who is all grown up now). The first thing that everyone says when seeing Cate is, "Ah es tu hermana? Son iguales!" (She's your sister? You're the same!) Each day has been so special and filled with laughter and fun. I don't want her to ever leave! Below are a few pictures of Cate's arrival and our time touring the Presidential Palace, which was breathtaking and historically fascinating! 
First time for Cate to set foot in Guatemala

The 14 hour bus ride

Fun on the plaza 

Luis and Cate

Presidential Palace

Waiting to tour the palace

Inside palace courtyard

Monument of peace after many years of civil war

Intriguing styles - Arabic, Roman, Greek and Colonial

Murals depict clashing of Mayan and Spanish cultures

Courtyard fountain

Wow! My mom has given us a love for art and history 


  1. It looks like a wonderful place. I can't wait to come and tour it with you. I miss you and love you!

  2. Awww!! This looks like so much fun!! You two look so cute in your matching shirts! (-;


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