Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A week in Honduras

I praise God for answering so many prayers for our time in Honduras. We truly enjoyed our time with family, and were so encouraged. (Thank you Sharon and Marvin for all your support, prayers, hospitality and generosity to us!) We spent two nights in La Ceiba with Sharon, Marvin and Cate (the first and last night). And then we spent a few days in Balfate, visiting Luis' family. We went to Isleta one day to visit Luis' grandparents, sister, niece and new nephew. Sharon and Cate came with us which made it so fun! On Saturday we enjoyed being part of a "Mission Adventure" program that was put on for a group of kids to learn more about different countries around the world. My highlights were: Being with Sharon, Marvin and Cate in La Ceiba and going to Isleta. :)
Sharon holding Luis' new nephew, Clay Estiven

Sister and sister-in-laws - we didn't plan on color coordination!

My dear husband

He's so sweet

Celebrating Marvin's birthday!


  1. Nice blog dear! I'm so happy you could come too! I miss you!! God is at work!

  2. Oh! And I'm impressed you got this up so quickly! (-;


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