Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our little quartet

My three friends and I were recently asked to sing at a missionary conference put on at our seminary. All three of us are studying music and so we've formed a little quartet at different times. We barely had any time to practice together - we each just learned our own part and then put it together a little a before the conference. What an incredible experience! Part of the reason that I gave up playing the violin when I was in my teens was because I hated performing in front of people because I would get so nervous. This experience totally blew me away. I didn't feel at all nervous, and I truly loved singing with my three friends. One of the things I loved was singing one of the songs in three different languages. Three of us are married and the fourth girl is engaged. So not only did we enjoy singing together,hearing an excellent speaker talk about missions, and enjoying a fabulous dinner, we also enjoyed sharing a time of fellowship with our husbands (and fiancee) who were there to support us and love us. 

Our table

Katy and her fiancee, Jose. (soprano)

Angie and her husband, Johnny (contralto)

One of the professors with our Marlon (our piano accompanist) 

My sweetie and I (bass - first time singing bass!)

Three of us 

The four of us with our music director (Anahi sang tenor)


Here is all of us together!

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  1. Kara, I am so proud of you!!! You look beautiful as well!!


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