Saturday, July 16, 2011


While my family was in Honduras last month, I had the opportunity to go and surprise them. Marvin, Sharon and the Fields family helped me pull it off. The Fields picked me up in La Ceiba and brought me out to Balfate. When I got there, my parents and Catie (who were completely clueless), were inside the house, having a devotional time with their team. I waited out in the yard with the Fields while they finished up. Then Marvin snuck out into the garage, and just as they finished the devotional, he switched off the breakers! Only, he didn’t switch off the main breaker, but did it one by one. From outside, I could see the lights going off in my parent’s room, and then the living room, continuing throughout the whole house, in what looked like slow motion! When it was all dark, I snuck in the house and stood right next to Sharon. I could hear my dad saying, “It almost seems like someone is out in the garage flipping the breakers one by one”. But he didn’t get up to go check, and someone else said, “Welcome to Honduras”. A few minutes later Marvin switched the power back on and everyone blew out a sigh of relief. My parents were sitting right in front of the kitchen island and had their backs to me. As they began calling out prayer requests, Miss Marinajo called out from the back saying that she had one more request. My parents turned their heads and looked right at Sharon, but didn’t seem to see me standing next to her! They kept looking our way though with an oblivious look on their faces. Miss Marinajo motioned towards us and they kind of just stared blankly at Sharon. My dad even said something like, “Who is that?” Then Cate saw me from the other side of the room and jumped up yelling, “Kara!!” And then my parent’s faces changed from confusion to astonishment and they came running over to hug me. A few days later Hailey got back from a quick trip to the Island Cayos Cochinos and my mom told her to come out to the porch because she wanted to show her something. She came out and saw me and sort of waved to me giving me her sweet Hailey smile. I waved back and watched her face change from politeness to shock. How delightful it was to surprise my family! I had a fabulous time of fellowship with them and the wonderful team of people they had brought from their church in Ohio. I also was able to surprise Luis’ family and see many friends that I wasn’t expecting to see. This was the third time that I have taken a trip by myself since I got married. I have loved taking these independent little trips but I am always so excited and ready to be back with Luis. When I got home from this trip he was anxiously waiting to pick me up. Coming inside our apartment I was delighted to find little notes and heart chocolates all around the house. Each time we have been apart it has made us value and appreciate each other even more. It has been hard for me to be so far away from my family over the last few years, but I want to thank Luis for being so considerate and willing to let me visit as often as possible. We have made our own little family now – The Núñez family – but we are also so thankful for our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews.

My sweet Cate and I riding in the back of the truck

My wonderful hair-stylist 

In Sharon's in-home salon

Hailey Anne! I miss you

My wonderful dad and amazing sister - on our way to Roatan

I love my parents!

I love my dad's expression in this picture

My room-mate for the week

Headed to the beach on West Bay


We ran into our friend Keiry on the Island

Riding in the water taxi

Catching up with Hailey at dinner on my last night

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  1. I am so glad we have been able to see you TWICE recently! Miss you already


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