Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our anniversary celebration

“Make us one, Father God; make us one so that the world may know we love your Son”. These are the words that my mom sang in a song she composed for our wedding day, two years ago. Often I have prayed these words for Luis and I. We have many differences – different backgrounds, different countries, different family lives, different heart-languages and even different personalities and gifts. But God has clearly brought us together and knitted into our hearts the same vision and purpose for our lives. The first few months of marriage, I was amazed at how much better it was than our relationship before. There was a new freedom, joy, love and peace in us. As time continues to pass us by, our relationship has continued to get even better. We share so much laughter and deep, meaningful conversations. We love being together and doing everything together. We love having a bilingual home – it makes things more fun and interesting! And we love being from different countries because we have learned so many good things from each other’s cultures. The few years before we were married were very hard years – spent long distantly in different countries. Honestly I don’t think we were best friends when we got married, although we did have a strong friendship built on 7 years of getting to know each other. Now I can say that we truly are each other’s best friends and I am so thankful to have such a godly husband and spiritual leader in my life. Not only that, but someone who loves me so tenderly and unconditionally and truly takes care of and protects my heart. There are so many things that I love about Luis: his honesty, his playfulness and laughter, his generosity, his love for the Lord, his gifts for preaching and teaching, his gifts with children (The kids that get to know Luis just love him so much and think he’s hilarious), his sense of humor, his helpfulness around the house, his responsibility and discipline in his schoolwork and ministry obligations, his wisdom, his dependability, his athletic abilities, his strength and his tender heartedness. Oh and so much more. We praise the Lord for what He has done in us and how He has grown our love. And we praise the Lord for another year together. Our hearts are joyful. 

Part of the floor at the restaurant where we ate was a fish tank

Standing on the tank

Anniversary dinner (celebrated a few days before the actual day)

We enjoyed a special anniversary date at an aquarium restaurant. Every time we go out to eat Luis ends up ordering something that is way smaller and more expensive than what I order. Several times he has told me that I should start ordering his meal for him. Once again he was disappointed with the size of his meal, and once again my less expensive plate had way more to it – it even came with free refills on the drink! It is something we laughed a lot about, but of course Luis always eats my leftovers. Maybe next time I will order for him!  

Luis' meal of chicken, one potato, half of a corn on the cob, and a few bread sticks

My meal - two half sandwiches, tomato and basil soup, fries and the huge santa fe salad in the back

My wonderful husband that God has given me!

Enjoying the fish

This one seemed stuck to the glass!

Inside a tube in the aquarium 

I had to crawl through a small space to get in and it felt very unladylike!

Looking down at the fish

The two love birds

On our actual anniversary - we were a little sleepy since it was before 6am!

"To have and to hold"

"Until death due us part"

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  1. I had to laugh at how Luis once again ordered the smaller plate of food! (-; You guys are so funny. Happy anniversary! It is so neat to see what God is doing in your marriage. Love you!


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