Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Personal Psalm 23

Something I learned in my Bible study this week was that “Knowing and understanding my personal unique identity before God strengthens my fellowship with Him” – T.W. Hunt. If you are a musician, then maybe you can relate best to God as the Composer or Conductor of your life. If you are a teacher, then maybe God is the Great Teacher or Professor in your life. If you are a doctor, then you can probably relate very well to knowing that God is the Great Physician. David was a shepherd, and understood what it was like to take care of sheep. (Something that most of us know nothing about!) Psalm 23 reflects David’s personal unique identity before God. T.W. Hunt encouraged me to write my own personal Psalm 23 as a prayer to God. At this point in my life, I can relate to God the best knowing that I am his daughter, and He is my Heavenly Father. When I think of God as my Father, I am deeply comforted. My earthly dad was (and is) such a wonderful example of faithfully caring for his family. Much of what I see in my dad I know is being reflected from my Heavenly Father. I really have no reason to fear – for I am in His hands and He cares for me. I can go to Him for anything – He loves to give good gifts to His children. He delights in providing for us and He is fully trustworthy.

My Personal Psalm 23

v. 1 El Shaddai (The Great Bestower of Blessings) is my Heavenly Father
       He takes care of my every need
v. 2 He leads me in trust
       and shows me how to depend on Him
v. 3 He satisfies my heart
       His gentleness instructs me
v. 4 Even when I am anxious and fearful,
       I know that He is caring for me
v. 5 He abundantly provides and
       lavishes on me, His daughter
v. 6 I need not fear the future –
       for my Heavenly Father knows all my needs


  1. That's so beautiful, Kara! What an encouragement to me. I will have to think about how I relate to God best. Thanks for sharing that. Love you.

  2. I love this kara! Thanks for sharing!


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