Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last moments in Central America

So much has happened in the last few months! Luis and I returned to Guatemala at the beginning of January to pack up, sell some of our stuff and wait for an answer from the U.S. embassy. We got a positive answer from them much sooner than we expected, and soon found ourselves counting the days until we would fly to Ohio. The whole process of applying for residency for Luis only took 4 and a half months. We are so amazed to look back and see how God was guiding us through it all and how He opened the doors for us to move to Ohio for a season. Before we left Guatemala, we spent some time with our good friends, Obed and Maru, our friends that we stayed with during our internship in El Salvador. It was so good to see them! We also spent many good times with our friends Nelson & Thelma, whom God brought into our lives at the perfect moment. They became instrumental in mentoring us as we prepared to move to the U.S. They are both TCKS from Central America who grew up in L.A. It was so wonderful to learn from them and also share so much in common! We are truly grateful for their friendship. We had to say good-bye to many other close friends from seminary. David & Anahi, Katya & Jose among others. It was incredible to experience so much support and help from the SETECA community as we prepared to leave. So many people came to pray for us and help us! We are truly grateful for our time in SETECA and know that many of our friends there will be lifetime friends for us. We are excited because we have several friends who are moving to the U.S. as well. One couple now lives only 2 hrs away from where we are in OH! Some other special friends of ours are getting married in IL in November and we definitely plan to go to their wedding. 
It is amazing to think back on God's perfect timing and preparation to bring us to the U.S. for a time. We never expected to be moving to the U.S. so soon, but God's plan always prevails! I hope to express some of how we came to move to the U.S. and our vision for the future in another blog post. But for now, I just wanted to share some pictures from our last moments in C.A. We also spent a week in Honduras, which ended up being a very hard week for me. Different heart-wrenching circumstances had me in tears for a couple days out of the week, but God really used those moments to prune me - helping me to see areas that I needed to repent of and ask forgiveness, and also just cling to my Savior, realizing that I am nothing without Him. Luis was a tremendous support and encouragement to me through it all. I am so thankful for such a godly husband! 
It was hard to say good-bye to Luis' family and Sharon & Marvin. For me it was especially hard to leave Sharon, knowing that she is the last Faull to remain in C.A. for now. I will miss seeing her every three months! But I know that Marvin & Sharon are where God wants them right now, and it has been so exciting for us to see them get so involved in ministry at their church this year. God's plan for each of our lives is unique and special. 
Pastor Obed and Luis

My good friend, Maru, and I

Luis' nephew kissing him good-bye

Luis' parents 

My sister, Sharon and brother-in-law, Marvin

"Sunshine" and I. 

Luis and I in the airport 

Saying good-bye to Sharon and Marvin!

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