Sunday, February 26, 2012

Special date in Antigua, Guatemala

Something that Luis and I had been hoping and planning to do before we left Guatemala, was to spend a night in Antigua - a cute, historic city of Guatemala, with many tourist attractions. We were finally able to go the month before we left! It was a very romantic get-away for us and kind of a closure moment for our time in Guatemala. It was a time of spiritual refreshment as well for us. With grateful hearts, yet some uncertainty of the future, we were able to draw close to the Lord in complete trust and dependence while waiting for Luis' residency process to come through.  We have been on a journey of trusting in the Lord's plan for our lives...something that we have seen unfold a little more in the last few months! This little getaway to Antigua was definitely a highlight for us - something that I will always remember as being such a refreshment to us! 

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  1. Great blog posts dear! And very cute pics of you and luis in Antigua!


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