Monday, August 13, 2012

Things I'd like Luis to do before he dies!

(Per your requests!)

1. Learn to play the guitar (or piano)

2. Sing at church! (he has a great voice)

3. Help me homeschool!

4. Do a marathon with me!

5. Surprise me by taking me to another country

6. Learn another language with me!

7. Write a book about our lives (he's good at that)

8. Become a business owner - B&B or a shop in Honduras!

9. Disciple as many people possible (I can support/help)

10. Go on lots of mission/outreach trips

11. Start a Pastor's training school in Honduras

12. Draw/Paint (he's always been interested in learning how) 

13.Learn about TLC/landscaping! 

14. Travel with me!

15. Continue studying - anything that interests him

And more importantly - live life to the fullest/reach his maximum potential for the Lord!

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