Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cate's first 10K

Last month Cate announced that she was going to run a 10K....and she had 10 days to train! This is the girl who was never interested in running or training with either Hailey or I. In fact she'd never even gotten in a habit of running everyday to exercise. Ok so after her initial announcement, and my initial surprise, Cate went out to train and when she game home she had run 2 miles. The next day she ran 3. Then 4, then 5 and finally 6. Oh and she took a couple days off. 
I always knew that Cate was naturally athletic, but I underestimated her endurance. Cate and her friend, Mary, ran the whole 10k race in 1 hr, 13 min  - without stopping to walk. They just took it slow and enjoyed the day. I'm so impressed by their determination to train for and run a 10k in just 10 days! I guess with a little determination she could do anything......

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