Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reflections of late......

I've been thinking a lot about Christ's love for me lately. It's hard to wrap my mind around. I feel that words like "amazing, awesome and wonderful" fall short of describing His love.

I recently watched the "Hunger Games" for the first time and was very curious to know more. So I read the 3 books. Parts of it are very disturbing and horrific, but what I most came away with was Peetah's selfless, unconditional love for Katniss. Katniss was a little self-centered herself at times, but Peetah from the very beginning would do anything to sacrifice his own life so that Katniss could go home to her family. Granted, there was a time when his mind was poisoned into believing that Katniss was the enemy. But his overall pure-hearted devotion to her captured my full attention.

This brings me back to Christ's love for me. If I can be so enthralled by the love of a fictional character for another fictional character, how much more should the love of Christ capture my heart? I know that any human love is only a shadow of what real love is - God. Now this thought brings me to Luis. How beautiful and sweet is his love for me! His faithful, steadfast and unconditional love for me is by no means perfect, but it definitely is a reflection of Christ's love for me Now I know that Christ's love is the only love that leaves me completely comforted, satisfied and fulfilled. So I must continue to struggle against the pull of this world which tries to get me to fall for anything else that simply cannot satisfy.

Oh that I might know His love more fully!

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