Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baby Announcement

Even though everyone already knows we are expecting, and most have seen these pics, I decided my blog really needs to be updated! It was quite exciting to discover I was pregnant, after a season of praying for a baby. We have wanted a child for a long time, but God's timing was absolutely perfect. I had pretty clear pregnancy symptoms in the beginning, so I was pretty sure that I was, but waited 2 weeks before I took a test. On July 21st I took the test and it was positive, and we shared it with our families that same night! I was about 6 weeks along. 

Here are some highlights from my pregnancy:

1st trimester - thankful that I wasn't real sick. I did have some nausea and throwing up, just in the mornings and slept a lot! Luis was a great sport eating P&J sandwiches and Taco Bell frequently, as I had no desire to be in the kitchen. He is really wonderful at helping me with housework anyways, but stepped it up an extra notch as I had no energy to do anything at home! My mom was a huge support and would frequently bring me soup and other meals. I had a coffee aversion and didn't care for sweets during that time.

2nd trimester - started right when we went on our trip to Honduras in Sept. My appetite returned with  all the delicious Honduras food and nausea went completely away. I had SO MUCH energy and would have laughing bursts frequently. My hormones became so stable and I felt pretty much one thing the whole time: Happy. :-) It was also incredible to feel baby kick for the first time at 17 weeks. We had a gender reveal party where we discovered we are having a girl! It sure was awesome to find that out among friends. 

3rd trimester - it's only just begun, but so far my highlight has been Luis & I bonding with our little girl. She may be perfectly still, but if one of us start talking directly to her she starts moving and kicking. It's incredible how she responds to our voices, even in utero. She is precious! 

We are so grateful to the Lord for answering our prayers for a baby. Especially after going through a season of waiting to conceive, it was even more special for us. We thank You Lord for your goodness and your perfect timing!


  1. Kara and Luis, cheering you on from Tulsa OKLaHOMA! Love you!


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