Monday, December 9, 2013

Gender Reveal Party

Oct. 20, 2013 was quite an exciting day for us. Not only was it Luis' 27th birthday, but it was also the day we discovered we are having a little girl. When I went for an ultrasound, I told the nurse that my friend, Megan, was planning this party for us. She did not even give me a hint of baby's sex! But secretly wrote it down, then sealed it in an envelope. Megan came over to get it from me that same day! Nobody else besides Megan knew baby's sex until the big moment. After everybody guessed "girl" or "boy" we stood in the middle of a the circle and waited for the big reveal. On 3, everybody began spraying us with silly string. It was one of the most exciting and joyous moments of my life! Luis was so cute cause he closed his eyes while we were waiting then opened them when everyone started spraying - he thought he was seeing GREEN at first and was really confused!! lol. We are both so happy and can't wait to meet our Ellie Sofia! 
Those who guessed GIRL

Those who guessed BOY

The Great Reveal

Ecstatic with joy!

So happy!


Our guess was right!

Their guess was wrong!

Megan, my friend who planned the party


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