Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Seven Year Anniversary Celebration

This year marks 7 years of marriage for us, after having waited 7 years to get married! We struggled so much is those seven years prior to marriage and had so many ups and downs! I remember blowing a huge sigh of relief after we were married, because we were finally at a place of freedom to learn on our own. That doesn't mean everything has been easy! Each year has had its own set of struggles and challenges, but I truly believe each year has been sweeter and better. It's so nice to look back and see that what we struggled with 14 years ago is no longer an issue. Even things we struggled with a year ago are no longer issues! 

Luis and I come from very different backgrounds, and it really is a miracle to us tha we even ended up getting married. It's a miracle and a gift that God has blessed us with so much unity - something that was not natural but that we asked Him for over and over. I've really learned that our cultural differences have not been the biggest the thing to overcome. Having grown up a half mile down the road from him, I immersed myself completely in the culture and adopted it as my own. He also has embraced many good things of my culture having lived close to my family and now having lived in the U.S. for the past 4 years. We decided a long time ago to embrace the good in our cultures and reject the bad. And most importantly we've come to realize that our identity is rooted in Christ - not in our nationality. 

I think the biggest thing to overcome has been our pride and self-centeredness! It manifests itself differently in each of us, but that is what it comes down to. The more I humble myself and submit to him as the leader of our home, the more I give up my rights and desires and allow things to become US instead of ME - the better things are for us. It is the same with him. And I have really seen him laying down his life for me and putting me first over and over. 

I am so grateful for how far God has brought us! As we continue to learn how to walk in Christ-centeredness in our marriage, He will be faithful to show us the way. 

Below are a few pics from a little family vacation we took over our anniversary. we had a blast visiting Malabar Farm, Kingwood Botanical Center, a carousel downtown, Der Dutchman's restaurant, dining in a train car, Grandpa's Cheese Barn and staying at a hotel with its own splash harbor.

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  1. Such great insight! You are so right about our self-centeredness being the hardest to overcome! It is so wonderful and encouraging to see how unified and how strong your marriage has become! You guys are a great example!


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