Thursday, July 26, 2012

Organizing Papers

We don't have an office as of yet, but we do have important papers. I realized several months ago that I stored all of our important papers in piles in a couple of different drawers. When we moved here we started from zero, so we had to set up bank accounts, get driver's licenses and social security numbers (I had one but needed to change my last name), and make calls for Luis' immigration status. (He came as a permanent resident, but did not receive his green card right away). I would catch myself on the phone taking care of our business while frantically shuffling through papers to get the info I needed! I finally bought this cute box to put hanging folders into. So far we don't have a lot of papers, but I made categories for the following:

1. Budget
2. Bank Accounts
3. Important documents (like birth certificates, marriage certificate and passports)
4. Luis' Immigration Papers
5. HouseCall MD (work papers)
6. Art Portfolio

How do you keep your important documents organized?

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